Print Marketing: Intro to Print Catalogs For Small Businesses

November 19, 2015 booklet printing, Marketing, 0 Comments

Introduction: Why would a business need print catalogs? Because they are a solid marketing and advertising tool to be used for powerful marketing/advertising collateral. Businesses that sell a number of products or services may need to print a catalog for their clients. This allows them to showcase their products so that the customer can get
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Booklet Printing: Two Reasons to using a booklet printer

October 14, 2015 booklet printing, booklets, 1 Comment

1. Why use a printer who specializes in booklets? There are many important benefits to printing with a booklet printer, for they are used in many businesses for promotions, information, advertisements, marketing, or for entertainment. Booklet printers can print in a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes depending on their client’s project needs, specific tastes,
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