How to Repair the Ingersoll-Rand SS5 Air Compressor the Retrofit way

We had some problems earlier at Printing Technic today. For some reason our IR SS5 air compressor (Ingersoll-Rand) malfunctioned and stopped working. It had turned out the stock SS5 air compressor motor seized and caused the Emerson AC motor to burn out as a result. So we decided to try to fix and repair the parts on the compressor ourselves.

After shopping around, it was not sensible to pay almost 3/4 the price of the IR unit for a new AC motor, compressor motor, and have it expedited. So instead, we used our heads and looked for alternative options to fix the compressor ourselves.

Our first go to option was Grainger, who happened to be down the street 10 minutes from us. They had an AC motor by WEG (ITEM 10021789 / AC MOTOR) which is a different manufacturer from the Emerson unit that comes stock with the IR compressor. After reading many negative reviews online regarding the stock Emerson unit we decided to go with the WEG motor to see if it would work out better for us. It turned out the the unit does not mount properly without additional modifications. The motor, when mounted, the offset too far from the from the compressor for the belt to get to.

We needed to get things up and running in no time, so we ended up using what was laying around and retrofitted the parts onto the air compressor, until the actual parts came in.

Some drilling was involved to get the compressor on, and bending of the air pipe was required as well. There was a spare Emerson motor of a different model, so we just rolled with it. As a result, this is what we were able to do, to get the air compressor up and running. If you are in dire need of a temporary solution to get your air compressor up, check out how we did it below:


Retrofitted Compressor


As you can see, this is how we mounted the unit onto the air tank. We only needed to use two screws to mount the alternative air compressor motor on. If you must, can you custom drill holes on the mount bracket to screw in all four. That is IF you want to go this route, which I feel is a cheaper option, considering how much the parts are compared to OEM.



Bent air pipe for compressor feed


We were able to bend the air pipe with some effort, but it is possible for most people to do.



Mounted Emerson AC Motor


Again, we only used the 2 screws to mount the ac motor, but you can drills hole if you decide to go this route.


Mounted Emerson AC motor, view of the otherside



Retrofitted Ingersoll-rand Air Compressor


And that is the finished product, after about 2 hours of work. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to leave any comments below!